What Is Constant Contact? How do I sign up?

I tell people in my seminars, “If someone dragged you here and you know nothing about Constant Contact, you know more than I did in Feb, 2010–I thought the leader was going to teach me how to be a better spammer”  I found out there was a much more professional way to do e-mail marketing and I saw and I try to show others “Best Practices” in how to do it no matter who you use.

Key ideas about what Constant Contact is:

1. A professional way to created quality professional communications with easy to use templates and a way to store graphics, link to websites, and upload video links.

2. A way to mange your contacts that efficiently maintains your database and keeps you within the requirements of the “Can Spam” Act from Congress

3. A way to review the responses to your communications so you can plan effective further use of e-mail.  Also a way to survey your clientele and gain valuable data from them.

4. A way to use social media effectively and develop campaigns on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.  A way to understand the rapid change in social media and make it effective for your business.  With Constant Contact you don’t have to “post and pray”.

5. A economical way to publicize and organize an event and handle ticket sales as well as predict how many people are coming.

I could add a few more but you get the idea.

Update 1/31:  In a recent released poll when small business owners were asked about recognizable brands names, Constant Contact came in third after Microsoft and FEDEX.  How about that!  We were ahead of IBM.  Part to do with the advertising which will top $30 million this year and part to do with e-mail marketing works.

Interested in a 60 day free trial? Call me to discuss on 804-241-1152. Glad to get you started.

or Click on http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp?pn=logodynamics

Matt Davidson


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