Apparel Decoration-What YOU Need to Know?

People reveal on a regular basis that they do not understand apparel decoration or how to purchase it.  Here is a guide.
Screen Printing   Tee shirts and sweatshirts are generally imprinted with plastic based ink in one or more colors. Each color requires a screen and quantities less than 100 are usually 1-2 colors.  Colors can be mixed or shaded with today’s state of the art equipment.  I recently did a job that was three colors but looked like six because the mixing and shading of the art. Needless to say, the client was very happy since they only paid for three colors.  Close color position can be a problem as well as multi-color jobs on small quantities but a new process is available that can print directly on the garment.  We have a sample of it at the Showroom.
Embroidery    Golf Shirts and jackets are generally embroidered with thread placed on the garment by a computer controlled sewing machine.   Quantities can be smaller and the finished product usually has a higher perceived value than screen printing.  Embroidery is sold by how many stitches in the design and fill-in will run up a stitch count.  There will be an intitial set-up charge and a running charge for each item.  We can use stock embroidery if there is not an existing logo (see for examples) or do a custom design from an existing logo.  Stock designs are generally cheaper.  Embroidery has technical limitations such as text can’t have letters smaller than 1/4″ -3/8″ so often an existing logo has to be modified.  We work with computer printouts and actual samples to make sure our clients are satisfied.
Cost of Decoration On small quantities and especially if more than one color is desired, embroidery is similar in cost to screen printing.  Also on some fabrics, like the course knit pique, embroidery has to be done because the fabric won’t accept ink.
For more information, see or call (804) 515-0300.   

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