Recent Projects

We are happy to report the LOGO Dynamics completed another apparel program for the of Henrico County Division Police.  About 60 people particiapted and almost $3,000 in apparel and calendar books have been purchased thus far.  No Henrico County funds were used and the officers and staff purchased directly from LOGO Dynamics by check or credit card.  A pdf document was prepared showing apparel in the collection and each participant got that and an order blank to fill out via e-mail.  We also supplied coffee mugs for the Division and the SWAT Team in 2006.  Call today to discuss a direct purchase program.  We did two public school programs in the fall of 2006.  There were no costs to the school budgets.
LOGO Dynamics was located by a new client in the Bronx, NY who discovered looking for some who would supply one padfolio for her boss at a Jewish educational association as a Chanukah gift.  We did the order and the client was so satisfied she has placed an additional order for sipper bottles which we had produced by one of our regular suppliers in New York.
A local manufacturing facility was looking for a holiday gift that would be useful to their employees and not burden the HR Dept. to get sizes, order blanks filled out, etc.  The decision was made to purchase 800 highway safety kits at an expense of $23,000.  The kit was a nice one and included jumper cables and sure grip gloves to keep one’s hands clean when changing a tire.  The Plant Manager commented he didn’t mind spending that amount of money since the last time there was a major freeze 10-12 people called in that they couldn’t get their cars started.  We strive to make appreciation gifts appropriate to a client’s needs and feel like we got a “winner” with this one.  Call us at 804-515-0300 to see what we can develop for you. 

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