Effective Use of Imprinted Items in a School Setting

            With a mother who taught school 44 years and wife who is an elementary school counselor, I know about public schools.  I have made an effort to market myself to them in a 60-mile radius of Richmond because I truly think I have the expertise after 15 years in the imprinted item business to be of help.

            Spiritwear can be a helpful promotion to education.  Whether it is taking a child’s art and converting it to tee shirt art or coming up with an educational theme we can help.  One recent project involved a graphic of multi-racial children and the message, “TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More”.

            Staff Appreciation is crucial to the morale of a school.  We can work with any budget and do.  A principal gave her staff a pair of gloves as a holiday gift and was very pleased that they were $3.50 each.  Each had a small embroidered logo sewn on the top.  Other schools have the budget for tee shirts or golf shirts.  Other effective programs involve the faculty and staff purchasing directly from LOGO Dynamics with no school funds used.

            Fund Raising is usually a function of the PTA.  Often schools are “burned out” on wrapping paper and cookie dough.  The range of imprinted items available is immense. We have done lanyards, magnets, water bottles, coffee mugs, and sweatbands. One school for knit gloves for the kids with screen printed “paw” prints and sold 100 pairs in two days.  (They are the Cougars.)

See my web site, www.logomd.com and look for “Order Online” for a search engine using our national database.  Call 804-515-0300 today to discuss your needs and hear about the latest specials

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