Short Statement on Awards

            It has come to my attention that some of my competitors don’t even bother to supply award and recognition items because of the graphic requirements involved.  Be assured we can meet all your needs for recognition items.  For a statewide association earlier this month we supplied 18 awards in four sizes and did all the graphics layouts here to insure that the names were correct and properly spelled.  The supplier of these nice crystal awards did proofs in pdf files and sent them by e-mail to add additional scrutiny to the project.  The result was a happy client who had not had this level of professionalism in the past. She has these words to say about the experience,

“This year our organization decided to “update” our event by incorporating

high quality crystal awards. When we started our search we found that

finding “unique and interesting” awards was easier said than done.

Matt did in-depth research for us and provided us with numerous ideas as

well as various catalogs to review. The awards were a HUGH hit, adding a

touch of class to the event that we didn’t have in the past.”

Nancy Israel, ACEC/V

 Thanks Nancy.
Don’t need crystal? Acrylic comes in a variety of sizes as well.  We even have one supplier who offers a certificate holder for a 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper and we usually stock 1-2 samples at the Showroom for client’s with a last minute need.  That’s the $15-20 solution instead of the $3500 solution.  For more information see “Distinctive Recognitions” on our website, and review a case study of work done for a local beverage distributor.  Have a great day.  MD  

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