Now that’s Fast!!!

   Two recent orders show the speed this industry can move.   A man called me on Friday morning that needed two golf shirts for a meeting on Wednesday.  I ordered the shirts and had them embroidered on Tuesday and delivered Tuesday night.  I wouldn’t recommend that on a regular basis because we had to do a text version of the man’s logo instead of his graphics and the run charge is high for two shirts but it can be done.

    A lady called on Tuesday at 11:00 and wanted 100 lanyards for a trade show on Thursday.  By the supplier being in Minnesota we had until 1:00 to meet a noon there time deadline for a four-hour production.  The lanyards were delivered on Wednesday morning.  Again there is a rush charge added and overnight delivery even on a 5-pound package is not cheap but the lanyards are ready for the event.

    Give us as much time as you can, 2-3 weeks is normal production on many items, longer if overseas involved but we do have suppliers on most items that can accommodate a rush situation.  MattD 804-515-0300

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