“The Hidden Cost of Doing Business”

   A potential client called yesterday and said, “I want some of those jackets like you did for South Anna school for my business” and we put a plan in motion to help her get what she wants (Not a bad strategy for success, huh?).  She proceeded to tell a horror story about someone else in our industry and the poor customer service she has gotten, i.e., wrong color item from what she ordered and lack of co-operation on a request.  It revealed a lot to me when she said, “They work out of their garage”.  Now, don’t get me wrong–small business ventures have to start somewhere and I am not downing starting on a “shoe string” budget.  I certainly did.  I do however, think there is a hidden cost of doing business with someone who may very well be here today and gone tomorrow.  For example I can’t see how someone in the imprinted item business can do business today without access to an industry database.  There is no way you can stock 3,000 different catalogs.  I just renewed my subscription to ESP, the industry’s online database.  It’s $260 a month but well worth it.  My advise: Pick carefully with whom you do business, there may be a hidden cost in the long run.  We look forward to serving you.  M

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