“How to Have the Best Family Reunion Ever”

            Many families meet every summer for a reunion. We love to see these events and work with our clients to make the occasion memorable.  While for many people the only thing needed is a tee shirt or golf shirt, some have decided there needs to be some other way to remember the event.  Here are some possibilities:

·                    On client had me put his family tree on a magnetic memo board and used the faint image a actual tree on the writing surface.  They had the early members at the trunk of the tree, later ones on the main branches and more recent ones at the ends of the branches.  See www.tradenetpublishing.com  Product #1000 will work for this idea.

·                    Another client last year had me do something similar with the layout of his family on a coffee mug.  Was a lot of names and very small type but we went back about 5 generations. We start with a ceramic white mug at .99/ea (144) which you can see at www.gototheworks.com  See #C100.  Set-up and freight extra.

·                    Paper products and Plastic Cups can add a nice touch.  Some do stadium cups and others do foam can coolers.  We can do as few as 50 cups.  See www.trantergraphics.com   Tranter is a great company and helps me with small quantities.

·                    Sometimes families want to do something for the children.  Flyers and yo-yos can work well here.

Share with us your ideas and let’s see waht we can put together for you.  Call today.  It’s never too early to start planning.  Have a great reunion.  Enjoy Aunt Tilly, she may not be around too much longer. 

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