“A Short Guide on Art for Imprinted Items”

      When you place your hard earned money in the hands of an advertising specialty distributor like me, you have a right to expect good advice on how to make your logo or message professionally displayed.  Needless to say I have had my share of people over the years who would not listen to me and insisted on doing their own thing.  The outcome was horrible but I did my part to keep it from being so.
      On the “mechanics” of an imprinted item project there are several issues that need to be resolved.  We especailly need good art files.  Rarely will files used on a web site work because the resolution (dots per inch) is very low to speed up the page loading on a computer.  Vector art, usually done in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw is normally required to gie the smooth corner professional appearance needed.  300 dots per inch is the usual standard.  Sometimes people have been given an Illustrator (AI) file or CorelDraw (CDR) file and told it will work.  If there is another file imbedded in the presenting file, like a JPG, that has low resolution, it won’t be helpful at all.  The art needs to be redraw at the higher resolution by a graphic designer.
     I make no claim to be a graphic designer and give a hearty salute to anyone who sits at a computer all day working on art.  I can do some of the simple things and know people I can turn that can take over.  There are online services for this as well.
      In any case, make sure when you invest in imprinted items the art is handled properly.  An extra $20-30 is well worth it in today’s marketplace to make sure your name is professionally presented.  Let us know your art questions and, if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out.  Just say, “No” to lousy art.  MD   

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