“How Do I Design A Lapel (Cap, Jacket,etc.)-Pin”

An old “standby” that is a low cost way to promote your business, club, cause, etc. is a lapel or cap pin.  Usually not costing over $2.00, it is a inexpensive way to get you message across.  Often the question heard is, “How do I design one?”.  Basically, you are working in miniature much like a postage stamp.  There are three ways I have approached this kind of project.  Generally, all you promote is the basic logo and adapt it to the small space required.  Since people, especially men do not like a large pin we rarely go over 1” long and ½” to ¾” high.  Colors can usually be matched exactly.  Another way to go is to take a picture and add text to it.  Last week, I was asked by the National Guard Association to help with a pin for their upcoming national convention.  The request included, “Find something that has to do with the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.”  Thanks to the search capability of the Internet I found two pictures of Jamestown era soldiers.  One was a drawing from a 1608 manual of arms of a musketeer and the other was a period drawing of the Jamestown militia with the palisade in the distance.  We are working with the latter because it has more color to work with and will add suitable text noting that the Guard has been protecting the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1607.
  A third way to create a pin is to take an object related to your message and make a pin out of it.  A religious publication with a long history of service to our state uses a quill pen as their symbol and we will be making a pin of that symbol.  A business or professional group could do something similar.  
  Don’t overlook pins as an effective way to get you message out.  Need help?  Give us a call.  MD  

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