“Welcome to Logo-Richmond”

I don’t do may trade shows and the ones I do are usually very short and inexpensive.  The VA Dept. of Business Assistance held a good one Friday and did a good job attracting new business owners.  I heard some interesting business concepts.  I wish all of them well and will help with marketing as much as I can.  “Welcome” to those of you who are now subscribers who were at the show.
 A couple of quick comments:
 Most have a business plan but I encouraged them to have equal investment in a marketing plan and the few i talked to didn’t.  Plan where you are going and who are you going to talk to in the first 90 days of your business and you will be well on the way to success.  Need help getting started?  Imagine you died.  Who would be there to say “Good bye”.  That’s who you need to see.  They may not all be able to help you, but may know people who can.
 Do “personal marketing” with a leave behind and if you leave something more than a business card, they will be more likely to remember to pass your name along.  The “things to do” list and grocery list I had on display are good expamples.  See www.tradenetpublishing.com for them and other ideas.  Click on “catalog”.
  The goal in every business should be to take the mundane, routine, and every day and make it memorable.  Disney did it for amusement parks and you can do it for your venture.  I am convinced the key is attitude.  Think daily how you can make like interesting, fun, and a thrill for others and your efforts will not be in vain.  More later on this issue.
Have a great day.  M  

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