The Synergy of Two Good Ideas

Logo Dynamics exhibited at OSDBU, the Federal Government’s premier business opportunity for small business, yesterday.  It was a very interesting experience and hopefully will be worth the long day’s effort and money spent.  By far the “hit” of the show for us was the calendar done as a safety promotion featuring the safety posters of children of the employees.  The calendar developed out of a need to promote workplace safety and cut down on injuries in a manufacturing environment.  Each month had safety slogans added to the date block as well as a child’s poster reproduced in full color.  As a reward for their efforts each child got a tee shirt with his or her poster reproduced on the front.  As with the client, this idea was well recieved at OSDBU.  What better combination than kids and time.  When we “get it right” it is at the intersection of two good ideas.  In this case, I think you can add a third, meeting a need in the workplace.  
  This idea could certainly be adapted to other issues like a poster contest on “What the American Flag means to Me?”, “Great Moments in ______ History”, or the environment.  With the help of my good friend, Robert “Max” Maxwell who was at the show with me, we can work together to start the calendar with any month, add special sheets to promote a business, or as with the original–emergency and often used phone numbers.   
  E-mail me at or call me on 804-515-0300 to discuss your needs.  We look forward to seeing all the new friends we made in Upper Marlboro and hope the event was good for you as well.  MD   

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