“After A Long Layoff–I’m BACK!”

  Hard to believe it has been over 5 months since my last entry.  Due to a busy schedule and having surgery, blogging is just one thing I never got around to doing. But I’m back and here to help you grow your business or organization.
  Recent Developments:
  1. One of the best things for 2008 was to learn about and begin to implement Duct Tape Marketing.  See www.ducttapemarketing.com for the national web site and www.themarketingcoachva.com for Tim Nagle, a local proponent of this plan.   Duct Tape has helped me focus on the purpose of my business and I heartily recommend it.  I now have a marketing/information kit to use to expand what I can do as well as a better organized plan.  Talk to me about how you can use this plan to grow your business.
  2. I expanded my business in 2008 with the Federal Government with some very good relationships at DSCR and Fort Lee.  To help that continue, I have been attending a series of seminars on “How to Sell to the Federal Government”.  One development is a capability statement that I have been sending to small business development contacts in various branches of the Federal Government.  If you have any capabilities the government can use, market them.  As the instructor pointed out last week, “The Federal Government spends $19,000 a second” and that was before the bailouts started.  Get you piece of the big pie.
  3.  Even before the financial “crunch”, I started looking at my expenses with a long hard look.  One thing I realized is I was not getting as good service and paying way too much for the online search engine for imprinted items I make available for you to use.  If you have not been on www.logomd.com lately, you will see a change.  Still there is a link to a national database and you can search as you have been able to do.  Also I have an online collection of catalogs for my top suppliers.  Either on your own or talking to me on the phone we can get online and review options.  In no way does this replace meeting together but I hope it will enhance our working relationship.
  Have a great year and check back often.  Matt Davidson.

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