“How’s Your Cutting Edge?”

Pity those business people trying to do business the same way they did it 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.  I think I would be out of business if I was still doing things the same way.  Success lies ahead for those who are will in to grow.  I remember a story about Sir Edmund Hillary who most people know was the first to climb Mr. Everest over 50 years ago.  Story was told how he failed on this first attempt, best friend died in the snow and he came home defeated.  There was a community meeting and before he rose to speak, the people gave him a standing ovation for the attempt he had made.  Sir Edmund said later, “I resolved then and there not to let Mt. Everest beat me, I said to myself, ‘Everest you will not grow another inch but I will–I will grow to meet the challenge and I will beat you!”.  
 My latest growing edge is social networking on “LinkedIn” and so far I have 48 connections on my profile and I am looking to add more in the next few days.  See www.linkedin.com   to add you name to my list. What looks like the potential for me is to make connections with people I haven’t talked to in awhile and also make connections through people who can be “door keepers” to ones on their lists I should be talking to about imprinted items.  I developed a marketing piece that I have been e-mailing.  So far no business in the 4 days I have been doing this but sure see the potential as I look at names on other people’s profiles.  Try it, you might sharpen your edge.  Let me know what you think about this form of marketing. M  

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