“The Key to Success with Imprinted Items–Good Art”

  What many people don’t realize is about specialty items is you can have an excellent selection of an item but either fail miserableby to have an impact or have a near miss if the art is poorly handled.  With a computer’s ability to capture a logo off the Internet, we rarely have art that is good enough to use.  The resolution is kept low to keep the page from being so slow to load.  The image is far too ragged to be of good use.  Part of the adviser’s job is to realize when art needs to be improved, usually by being redrawn to avoid those issues.  Additionally, with most items there is room for more than just a logo.  There is space for a tag line to enhance the impact of the specialty item.  I advise clients on a regular basis to come up with a tagline to further enhance the impact of their item.  Even on as small an item as a pen, there is usually room to add a few words.  If not, I would advise looking for another item so that their is maximum impact for your investment.  If questions, contact me at matt@logomd.com.  Have a great day. 

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