“The Extent of Service”

What is the extent you can expect on service?  Try and top this one.
A school client needed a chart to use in a training session for administrators to be prepared for crisis situations. (Sad to say that is the situation in schools today).  We looked at doing it as a large 24″ X 36″ pad of paper where sheets could be filled in as a part of these training sessions and torn off after they were finished.  Sorry to say with the cost of printing plates, to print one sheet would cost $500 and then the cost of paper would be added to that.  No go but we didn’t give up.
Best solution was a “white” board that is the same 24″ X 36″ size and the outline of the training session preprinted on the board.  That option required about 2 hours of art time on our part but we finally got the art worked out and that approach saved approximately $300 over the other approach.
We hardly ever say, “It can’t be done”.   Call us today to discuss your project. 

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