“The Power of Appreciation”

I have been attending a seminar series on “Selling to the Federal Government” and went to a session last month in Williamsburg that was on developing team agreements to share contracts.  I wasn’t sure it would be helpful to my business but since the first session on capability statements was helpful I went.  Fortunately, a guest not on the program, Barbara Booker-Williams spoke about her work helping small businesses get work with the City of Virginia Beach. i passed on a copy of my marketing kit to her and said if I can help anyone, let me know.  To make a long story short, I ended up with a $4,000 sale to the Dept. of Public Utilities for employee appreciation gifts.  I invited Ms. Booker-Williams to join my network on www.linkedin.com and this week she did.  I wrote a recommendation for her, commending her for taking time from her busy schedule to come speak to small business owners like me and said, “To work our way out of this recession, we need dedicated public servants like Barbara helping small business people be successful”.   From her response, you would think I gave her $1,000 tip.  She was overwhelmed that I took the time to write about her and told me my comments might be used in an annual report she has to do to the VA Beach City Council.  She says she will be passing my name along to other city departments.  I thanked her and send copies of other e-flyers I have done for schools and churches describing projects I have done.
I still don’t know a lot about this social networking but I think this is something of how it is supposed to work.  Our comments and recommendations are powerful, especially when they say things like “Keep up the good work”, “Thanks for your help” and “The community is a better place to live because of you”.  Try it, it seems to be working for me. 

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