“Internet Makes Communication Efficient”

I handled an order Friday for the VA Dept. of Rehabilitation Services to supply 2500 soda can holders that will promote the DRS and Assistive Technology web sites.  The item is one we were able to get in the past but the supplier dropped it, now someone else is making it but selling it to golfers.  For the challenged it makes something you and I take for granted, possible.  My thought while walking Daisy, the Wonder Dog, “Well if Virginia can use this item, what about California or New York?”
I sat down at 9:00 last night and worked until 11:30, got back on it at 8:00 this morning and finished at 10:30 and have sent messages to all 50 states and several places in Canada.  Got a great idea, use the Internet!  Keep you posted on results but so far only one state, Alabama, has come back with a bad address.  M    

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