“The More You Market the More You Learn”

Yesterday I was at the City of Virginia Beach Purchasing Dept. for an information session on how to do business with them.  Content wasn’t all that interesting because I will rarely respond to bid situations.  I went to see if I could pass on information about LOGO Dyanamics and follow-up on the $4,000 order I did for the employee appreciation program for their Public Utilities Dept.  I met the Purchasing Director and his assistant.  
I know some things to tell other people related to employee appreciation programs based on these two conversations.
1. The assistant said, “We just order what they tell us they want”.  Items were picked from two companies.  One company has since filed for bankrupcy.  I think they are going to work out of it, could lose art set-up if they go under.
2. Items picked were similar but none could use the same art set-up because the imprint areas were different sizes.  If I had been involved sooner, I would have related the items so we could avoid some of the $300 in set-up costs. 
3. Don’t forget taglines.  Rarely is the imprint area so small, a message can’t be added to a logo.  You are trying to accomplish a task, get as much “bang” out of the “bucks” is my philosophy.  
Keep marketing, helps you know what to talk about.    M  

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