“Ten Reasons to Do Business with LOGO Dynamics”

Here are ten reasons to do business with LOGO Dynamics.  Your comments are appreciated and solicited.
10. Matt Davidson is not particularly smart but he is accessible, matt@logomd.com, cell phone 804-241-1152, office phone 804-515-0300, fax 804-515-8050, Showroom at 7206 Impala Drive,Henrico, 23228 and come see clients anywhere in the region.
  9. Guarantee prompt response to get you the information you need to make a good business decision.  Messages left at the Showroom phone are immediately forwarded and usually responded to within an hour.  Gotten out of a sick bed to make callbacks. Recently upgraded to a Blackberry to keep closer contact with e-mail messages. (Don’t do buttons-had to get the touch screen)
  8. Made the commitment to research a long time ago. SAGE has database of 900,000 items. Blackberry can get me on their mobile version in your office as long as I have a Verizon signal.  You don’t have to call 5 distributors to get the best price on a travel mug.  I can find all the specials.
  7. Fair pricing and worked hard to hold overhead to a minimum.  For example, I am using the same screenprinting price list from 2005.  Volume with local tee shirt warehouse and major golf shirt supplier is such that I can pass free freight along to clients.  Work with clients on fair terms, all major credit cards.
  6. My role is not just to sell, but to help my clients with other issues like art, sales, and marketing.  I often do sales sheets in support of their efforts to market the imprinted items I handle for them.  Ours is a full service approach, we are not peddlers.
  5. Working to make our industry better as I am thankful for the people who helped me get started 18 years ago.  I am the Professional Development Chair for the Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association (MAPPA) and am working to offer training to new people in the industry.  Also member of national trade associations, ASI and PPAI. 
  4. Proven commitment to making the community better.  Always help charities as best I can with prices.  When asked to supply teddy bears for the 276th Engineers of the Virginia National Guard to give to the children of troops going to Afghanistan, supplied the 300 bears at cost and passed the word to friends who collected $800.  Bears supplied at no cost to the unit Family Readiness Group.  (Note: 276th is clearing roadside bombs.  Keep them in your prayers)
  3. Personal dedication to improvement so that no one can said, “He has 1 year experience repeated 18 times, rather ‘he has 18 years experience'”.  Training commitment so that stock answers are not given but creative solutions.
  2. With 18 years experience, we know the industry as well as the market.  Our goal: complete client’s satisfaction.  Work hard to achieve it.  I don’t always know immediately the best answer but I have learned where to look to find that best answer.  if I can’t help, I know where to turn to for the help my client’s need.  We participated in the Open Ratings process with Dun & Bradstreet and 20 clients were contacted to offer their views on client satisfaction. With a 95% approval rating I believe we are doing something right in customer service.  I’d like to get to 100% the next time.  Of the things reported as “neutral”, some I have little or no control over.
  1. We primarily offer solutions, not items.  Certainly we will respond when someone asks, “What is the best price on a tee shirt?” but other situations call for questions and an answer “tailored” to the situation.    A recent client needed help with a training event. We looked at two solutions and found in the second a better alternative in both application and price. 

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