Wrapping up the Holidays, Looking Ahead to New Opportunitity

As 2009, comes to a close, I am thankful to survive a tough year.  (Didn’t realize how tough until meeting with my CPA this week).  I was saying, “Flat is Up as far as sales go” but it looks like keeping everyone paid is a major achievement.  In any case the year closed on an up swing so maybe the hits we all have been taking are coming to an end.
I am excited about the new year because it does look like I have a better handle than ever before on how to market myself in any economy and especially in a negative one.  I suspect we are in for more of these in the future.
In any case, needs go on and the ones who position themselves as a problem solver, approach provider, and needs proposer are going to be ahead of the game.  Business owners and managers will continue to have issues and situations that need “fixes” and I intend to be the one promoting that I am here to help. 
On another note, late news is a Richmond unit, the 224th Aviation Btn. at Sandston will be deployed to Afghanistan in the new year.  This unit flies  Blackhawk helicopters and was deployed in 2006-2007 in Iraq.  Several of my friends in the Exchange Club are planning an effort to revive Armed Forces Day as well as get a “Farewell Teddy” program going in which teddy bears are made available to the troops to give to their kids before they leave on deployment.  More details to come. 
Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010.      

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