Great Way to End the Year–Start A New One

I stopped by to see a client new this year and had an eye opening experience.  I said, “Not sure how you got me off Google but glad you did”.  She said, “I put in promotional products in Richmond and LOGO Dynamics came up.”  We continued to talk and she said, “I called three others and they all came and brought us a mound of stuff.  You came and talked to me about what I needed and then started to get it for us.  I like how you worked for us.”
I can certainly see how my competition in the promotional products business would make a presentation focused on “stuff” but to me if is secondary to the real issue–communication with the client.  As I reflect on the year, I would say while it has been a “downer”, I certainly feel good about my ability to market myself and my company.  Much better than ever before. Statements like the above confirm it.  Have a great new year.  Good selling and good will.  M 

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