Designing A Tee Shirt–A Return to An Old Article

Someone recently contacted me with “Help, I’m in charge of tee shirts for our organization. What do I do?”  Here is my response, basically the same as an article I wrote several years ago.  Times have not changed very much on this one.
1. Components in price. Usually the imprint cost more than the shirt.  Tee Shirts are cheapest in white or light colors because they are quicker to make.  Dark colors look nice but almost all of them require two passes of ink to make the imprint look right also raising the cost. Tee shirts are a commodity and prices change often, usually every week.  My price is based on two factors, the number of shirts I purchase in a year and how many color you want to see on the shirt.  On the shirt cost, I purchase about $50,000 in apparel each year so prices are based on that far more than how many the client buys.  Screen printing costs are based on quantity as well as number of colors.  Price breaks are at 24-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000.  I am happy to quote any quantity. 
2. Design.  We take what ever art the client has and work to make it the most professional we can.  We have huge ability to find art with the power of the Internet.  Recently a high school wanted to find art of their mascot, we searched Google images and found a graphic which we then used as a starting point for art.  Everyone is very happy with the outcome and we have reprinted the order already.  We never print without providing a proof in a graphics pdf file. We can’t print one shirt because the screen would have to be destroyed.  We can show colors and size in a pdf file so wasting a screen is not necessary.
3. Shirts are grouped by size and delivered that way.  Recently someone at a school asked for the order to be broken down into what each classroom ordered.  That is not a problem, there is an extra charge for that service. 
Call today to discuss your next project,  “off season” prices are in effect until about mid-March.  M

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