Recognize a Hero?

At a recent seminar of blogging, the speaker encouraged me to make my blog more personal and talk about the corporate culture of LOGO Dynamics.  Since LOGO Dynamics is me, that makes my culture something to discuss.  Frankly, I have tried to keep “me” in the background on my blogging but perhaps I should tell more about my off business time.
In 2008, the local family support resource person for the National Guard in Central VA asked me, “How can I get some cheap teddy bears?”  To make a long story short, I passed the hat, contacted some friends and made a donation myself to raise about $900 for 200 teddy bears to be given to members of the 276th Engineer Battalion that was being deployed to Afghanistan.  They wanted to give them to their children as they left town.  (Happy to report that even though they spent a year in country, every made it back–their assignment defuse roadside bombs.)
Chapter 2, Gen. Stephen Huxtable of the VA National Guard contacted me in 2009 and said, “I just heard what you did. How can I get you to do more?”  He went on to say that for projects like this one, he can’t get any money out of the Federal Government.  I told him I’d see what I could do.
Chapter 3, still working to fulfill Ch 2.  Some plans are in the works. Will pass them on as details emerge.  A bear is a 10″ one with the National Guard or a unit symbol (like we did for the 276th) on a camo tee shirt.  The bear has a floppy army cap on him.  With shipping and set-up, bears are $5/ea.  Gen. Huxtable wants to add coins for the older kids.  I think it would be nice to give restaurant gift certificates to soldiers on their two weeks leave in the middle of their tour.
Check back for updates or call me on 804-241-1152 if you want to help.  M    

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