Marketing Check-Up

One good thing I have found about a recession is that it sure makes you think about the marketing you should have been doing while things were going good.  I know now the importance of at the end of the day asking myself, “What did you do today to build sales for tomorrow?”.  Here are some recent developments:
1. I learned about Constant Contact (see www.constantcontact,com ) at a professional products association meeting last month.  I didn’t do much about it because of spending time on taxes and getting over an illness.  Last week I took a crash course in developing an e-mail newsletter and launched one yesterday morning about 9:00 a.m.  Some results, so far of the 100 I sent out, 40 people have opened their newsletter from me.  One was opened and I got an e-mail back in 15 minutes that resulted in a $300 commission a few minutes later on an umbrella reorder for a local church.  I can tell that 2 people have been to this blog and several gone to web sites of suppliers.  Hopefully, others will open their messages in the next few days
Note:  This is definitely not a way to create spam.  The only way to get the second edition in late March is to subscribe to my newsletter.  I think it helps you figure out who your loyal clients are.
2. I made a New Year’s resolution to send a “World of Thanks” card to every person who made an order with me as soon as they paid their bill.  I  got all of them out today for people who have done business this year.  Try it.  A little appreciation can go a long way.
3. Still doing capability statements on the various ways my programs can help a business, service group, government agency, school or church.  If you want to see samples, let me know. 
4. Are you involved in the community where you do business?  For me it is Exchange Club and Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber started a new program called “Connect For Lunch” and I have been to 8 lunch meetings with strangers who are also members of the Chamber.  Meet some nice people and eventually hope it will “pay off” in new business.
5. Read any good books?  great stuff out there on marketing.  See what you can find on Internet, social networking, blogs, etc.  I shutter to think what my year last year would be like if I still tried to do business like I did 3-5-10 years ago.  Most likely be out of business.
Never hurts to have a check-up from the neck up.  Think about it.  M 

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