Who We Are and What We Do

  I have been challenged by a book I read called the “Collapse of Distinction” by Scott McKain.  Mr. McKain spoke to my industry and even though I couldn’t afford to be there I profited greatly by reading about him in our trade magazine, on his web site (www.scottmckain.com) and watching his videos on YouTube (especaily see the one about “TaxiTerry”)  He as caused me to rethink my business purpose statement.  I though I had a good one before but realized I had written it from my perspective, not my customers.  Here is my revised statement:
  Who We Are:  We put your logo to work in cost effective ways to help you reach your goals and objectives.
  Our Points of Distinction:
     1. Marketing–Our goal is to educate and inform so our clients can make a great decision
     2. Research--Our goal is to find the best options and the right choice
     3. The Promise–We will respond by phone, e-mail, or in person usually in 1-2 hours and our focus is to understand the client’s needs and write a written proposal to meet those needs.
     4.The Transaction
           A. Quote–to achieve clarity a written quote is required.
           B. Proof–to achieve satisfaction a proof of the logo to size is required.
           C. Confirmation--to achieve understanding a written confirmation noting a complete description of the details is required.
           D. Appreciation–to achieve gratitude a hand written thank you note is sent and, if appropriate, an appreciation gift will be delivered.
     5. Ongoing Evaluation through surveys, interviews, and e-mails is necessary to achieve excellence.  We are never so smart we can’t learn something new.
  In Addition:
  *18 years experience in the imprinted item industry
  * Connected to the industry’s largest database of over a million items and over 3,000 suppliers
  * Participation in the local trade group, the Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association (MAPPA) to foster professionalism and help new distributors get off to a good start.
   * Participation in national trade groups, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI, #255454) and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)

I welcome your comments and response.  M

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