Times Change, Times Stay the Same

  I rode through the old neighborhood in Portsmouth Saturday after the MAPPA Board meeting in VA Beach.  Old house is till standing that I grew up in, neighborhood looks similar but not the same.  I have been thinking a lot bout marketing and being back home got me to thinking about the people my mother did business with back in the 60’s with I was growing up.
  She was a widow when I was three and took my Dad’s life insurance to put the down payment on a $7500 house.  She went to see Mr. West at the local appliance store and said, “I need a washer” and told him her situation.  He extended credit which wasn’t automatic back then and that began a relationship with him that lasted until he sold the store when Sears came to town several years later.  She wouldn’t think of going anywhere else until she was forced to do it.
  On furniture there was a store on the main street, High Street, and she became good friends with Mr. Cantor, a small, frail man who she liked to do business with.  I think it was not only because of what he knew about furniture but the way he got personally involved and showed he cared.  Whenever we walked into the store, Mr. Cantor seemed always amazed at how much I had grown.  I don’t think Mom ever did business with anyone else until Mr. Cantor died.
  I thank God everyday for people who want to have a personal as well as a business relationship with me.  In my rebranding I am committed to doing everything I can to make life easier for them.  Today it was bagging a labeling an apparel order so the client didn’t have to waste time figuring out who got what goods.  Tonight it was doing a layout for some signage a client needs. 
  If you don’t think people care about your business, find people who do.  There may be fewer now than the days of Mr. West and Mr. Cantor, but they are out there.  Want to succeed?  try acting like these old guys would be my advise.  Have a great selling day.  M