An Effective Rush Order

Our community day, Glen Allen Day was today.  I had a call Monday from a company opening an emergency care center in our community next month that had just found out about an opportunity to be in front of 12-15,000 people.  We looked at a couple of items to promote the care center and realized we could get Bic pens at a good price and ship two day to avoid rush freight charges.  Asked about a stress reliever in the shape of a physician bear with a white lab coat and stethoscope, I looked into it.  Found out the supplier in St. Louis who has the mold for that item could get them out in 3 days but would have to overnight them to Glen Allen, Cost $127.00.  Client decided it was a cute enough item to take a chance on it.  I walked by just after noon and found out, “The bears only lasted about two hours. Everyone wanted them”.  If things go as usual, 250 people will show them to at least 3-4 more people so the exposure on the item many be as high as 1,000 people or less than $1.00 a person.  Can anyone tell me where you can buy exposure for under $1?

I think I will be doing more bears.  M

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