Power of Social Networking–To Catch a Crook

My niece’s husband is in surgery as I write this to a 4, possibly five way by-pass.  Stu was on this way to work Monday, felt tightness in his chest and decided to go to Doctor’s Hospital and get checked out.  Doctor told him Tuesday he was 30 minutes from a heart attack, most likely fatal.  Wife lost her job last month so keep this family in your prayers.

The second story is Katie, Stu’s daughter lives in the Fan Area of Richmond and was sitting on the porch of her apartment house when a stranger approached and asked if he could sit and wait for a ride. He was drinking and definitely needed someone to pick him up.  When the car got there, he turned and threw an empty whiskey bottle  at the porch, hitting a column and a shard of glass struck Katie on the neck causing a gash requiring 20 stitches.  Of course, car driver and perpetrator drove off in a hurry.  Not the end of the story, Katie knew several facts mainly that the perp was a student at Radford.  Guess whose picture was on Facebook?  The word I heard at the hospital last night is an arrest warrant is being issued by the Richmond Police today to be forwarded to the Radford police.  Morale: If you want to be stupid, don’t put your information on Facebook.

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