Customer Service-The Forgotten Art

One of the factors that has given my business a boost this year is getting to know Scott McKain who spoke at the Expo in Las Vegas in January.  I never get to go to that event but I read about him in the PPAI magazine and immediately saw value in what he teaches.

It is great to have good transactions but they are not good enough.  To get repeat business we need to have superior customer service where people feel they are being listened to and communicated with respect.  Even that is not enough according to Scott McKain.  We need in every interaction with suspects, prospects, customers, clients and advocates to have a “WoW!” moment when the person experiences a positive moment.  That McKain says is the only way to ensure loyalty.  The key here is familiarity breeds contempt in the world but in the business world it breeds complacency.

After reading Scott’s book, “The Collapse of Distinction”, I realized that should be bagging the screen printed tee shirts people buy from me as well as bag the embroidered goods.  The results have been astonishing when people realize the effort I took to add to their purchase.  One man said, “You have given me ‘spill insurance'” and told me his roofers would likely throw the shirts on the seat of their trucks and spill coffee on them.  He said, “They would go all over town with my shirt with coffee stains on them”.  Another took shirts to a neighborhood association and one man said, “I thought you were dealing with some fly by night outfit, you are dealing with a professional organization, aren’t you?”  (Note: I’ll take comments like that all the time).  Some times it is going the “extra mile” with a sample or working harder to supply good art.  It has always been appreciated and I think it distinguishes me from my competition.

See for more information and to sign up for his blog.You will be glad you did.

See the video of his presentation to the IBM Convention in Jacksonville and encounter with Taxi Terry by clicking below.  It is on customer service as they say, “Priceless”.

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