Getting Started with Constant Contact

In February of this year I first learned about Constant Contact and realized my guesses about what it is were totally wrong.  As the presentation by Gina Watkins, regional CC representative for DC, VA, and Maryland, I thought I am sure glad I made it today.  This is the “missing link” to my marketing.

As Gina talked, I saw more and how how CC can support what you in web sites, blogs, and social networking.  That you can do it on the cheap is an added bonus.

I put my first newsletter together in March and within 20 minutes had a $500 reorder from someone who said, “I have been meaning to get in touch with you. Thanks for the newsletter”.  I have developed two new clients both of whom made $1,000 plus purchases. Both mentioned my newsletter, “Put Your Logo to Work” as something they appreciate.

Ready to get started?  Your first 60 days is free and you can send up to 100 e-mail addresses as often your plan allows.

Go to

If I can help you call me on 804-241-1152.  Matt Davidson

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