Getting Started with Online Surverys

I didn’t get started right away with online surveys because with the learning curve I had with e-mail newsletters I thought I’d need a significant block of time to learn how to do it. Boy, was I wrong when in August I finally got into doing my first survey.

My goals were as follows:

1. Find out what social networking my clients were doing to grow their business (LinkedIn)

2. Get the word out about Constant Contact and see who was interested in a free introductory seminar.

3. Announce the Fall Showcase and ask my clients what types of items they are interested in to see so I could put a show map together showing them who to be sure and see.  Note: I had 14 people come last year and had a hard time keeping up with them.

The survey went out and I got some very good responses and I think I am much better prepared for this years show than I ever was last time.

Use surveys.  They help you get valuable information on your business.

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