Keys to Success with Constant E-mail Marketing

I am finding many people who started doing Constant Contact but really haven’t done much with it.  Online marketing is no different from person to person marketing, if you won’t work at it you won’t find but so much success.  Here are some keys I have found:

1. Carefully examine your purpose in sending newsletters.  For some companies, selling may be appropriate.  For me it is not a primary purpose.  I want to educate my clients, prospects, suspects, and advocates so they can make better decisions on purchases made.  I think it is the way to “stand out” in a crowded marketplace.  CC says I have a very high rate of people opening the e-mails I send.  I think it is because the people know there will be some information they can use in their business.

2. Keep it brief.  I don’t think people will read long text articles.  Highlight what you want them to know and if more space is needed put it on your blog.  (You are blogging, correct?)

3. Have a Subject Line that tells your clients what the issue is about and how it can help them in their business.  Remember it is not about who you are and what you are doing but about them and how you can help them.  Give testimonials and case studies that show you care about a client’s success.

4. “Tailor” your message to the audience.  With the Lists capability in CC, you  don’t have to put all your clients in the same lists. You can assign different types of clients to different lists and modify the message you are sending to their lingo, interests, and ability.

5. Pictures sell, use them.  Add your own to the stock library.  Use pictures to illustrate the message you are trying to get across.  It is free and a great service.

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