When Is It Time to Fire A Customer?

Fortunately for me it doesn’t happen very often but yesterday I had to fire a customer.  There are times like this one where the customer thinks he knows more than you do and refuses to accept your statements.  In this case it was over how some embroidery turned out.  My customer had completely unrealistic expectations on how his logo was going to look on a cap from seeing other imprints on other caps.  It wasn’t large enough to suit him and he refused to understand the size of the imprint is based on how large a hoop can be used on the cap he selected.  My 18 years experience had no relevance to his man.  He was determined that he knew more than I did on this matter.  So I fired him.

The good thing about effective marketing is you don’t have to put up with ignorance (they don’t know and don’t care) or stupidity (they don’t know and don’t care to learn but think they are smarter than you are).  Some times you can have both working.

Bottom line: Take advantage of the Constant Contact 60 day challenge to grow your business and sign up today for the free trial at the following link.


Over 18 years in business, I have learned that people in general are agreeable and understanding and will work with you to have positive outcomes.  I hope you don’t have to deal with people like the one I just fired.   But there are people who may come you way that are just as unfair and unkind to you.  Build your business to the point that if that time ever comes, you can fire them as I did.

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