it’s About Time–FYI on Calendars and Planners

Additional Information to add to “Put YOUR Logo to Work”, the Oct. 13th edition.  You can subscribe at
1. The custom safety calendar I did locally with a print shop.  We did 1,000 pieces at about $6.00/ea.  That was a few years ago price might be $7.-8.00 range now.  This was a each page/month a different picture and there is a way to be cheaper with only one picture.  We can do custom as few as 100.
2. Planners are very handy ways to get your logo in front of people on a consistent basis.  Most people like the desk top style because they can write in them easier.  Week at a glance is definitely more popular than month at a glance. One Virginia manufacturer is online at 
3. One of the best collections of stock calenders is from a company called Norwood. See and look for calendars in the mix of items this collection of companies offers.  All ship from MN so needs 3 days to get to VA.  There is a quick turnaround of 3-5 days on some styles.
4. Watches and Clocks are the ultimate identity item to let everyone know who you identify with–school, church, social organization. For watches as few as 12, see  All the major brands have imprinted item divisions, Bulova, Selco, Seiko, Times, etc.  We can also do wall clocks in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Even grandfather clocks for a retirement gift.