Need a Speaker?

Suddenly the business world has been “flooded’ with experts on social media, online networking, and how to market in the new electronic age.  Don’t add me to the “flood” but the next time your group needs a speaker on small business marketing keep the following in mind:

1. Growth in social media has made it prominent but all the sources I read say it is important to use more than just LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter to get your marketing message across.  Blogs (like this one), web sites, and e-mail have their place as well.  Use as many as you have time to update on a regular basis.

2. Learn the concept of “opt-in” and “opt-out” and practice them consistently.  Before learning about Constant Contact, I thought I needed to e-mail as many people as possible not realizing I was a spammer.  Better to contact a small group of people who want to know more about what you have to say on a regular basis than broadcasting your e-mails all over the place.  You wouldn’t paper the town with your business card and expect great things to come of it.  Won’t work for e-mail either.

3. Find a reliable source that helps you understand the changing nature of the Internet.  Putting a web site up and expecting results from it worked about 10-15 years ago when it was new.  Won’t work now.  The webinars on CC have been helpful to me. Find what works for you and subscribe.

Keep learning.  I shutter to think about my business if I did not make the changes I have made over 18 years.  Pity those people who are too stubborn to change, they miss out on a lot of good practices.

What do you think?  M



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