Holiday Business Gift Guide, Part 1

Our first holiday gift giving guide went out yesterday.  List is up to 280 people and as of this morning 45 have opened the newsletter.  If true to form, about another 40 will open in the next few days.  While with CC you would like to have 100%, that rarely happens.  I heard of a restaurant with a small following that boasted of 80% but looks like that rate is rare.  Key is 45 people now know something of ideas others have used to express appreciation to employees, clients, and prospects.  A man who owned a dental lab told me one time, “I don’t buy the stuff you sell, I only have 8 clients.  That’s all I need.”  I thought later, you sure better express your appreciation to them–no telling who is stalking your 8 clients.  That was before the Internet was popular.  Even more true today.  Means is not as important as–Do It!

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