Further Thoughts on “A Marketing Checklist–Start 2011 Right!”

Google “marketing checklist” and see how many entries you get.  Here is one to add.  These are in no order of priority but ideas that come to my mind.

1. Do you have a plan or do you just move to the whim of the moment and whatever opportunity is dropped in front of you?  Obviously planning works best when building a house, same for a business.

2. Of the places where your contact information is listed–business cards, web sites, online directories–is the information up to date?  Remember people won’t work but so hard to contact you before they go on to the next name.  I needed help with space for a CC event today and one place made it so difficult to get hold of a live person, I went to the next facility.

3. Are you blogging?  sending targeted e-mail? updating your website?  If not you ought to be.  It is either hard or impossible to explain what you do in a 5 minute “elevator” speech.  These avenues of information help explain who you are and what you can supply.  Also important is how you do what you do.

4. Are you taking good care of the clients you have?  That may not be thought of as part of marketing but I can assure you it is.  Work of mouth is the most effective marketing you can have.  Simple things like a hand written note of appreciation or unexpected gift often go a long way toward loyalty.  Strive in every interaction with suspects, prospects, customers, clients and advocates for them to have a “Wow!” experience and you are on the way to many repeat and referral sales.

5. What are you doing to educate your clients?  Another way to build loyalty is to seek clients who want to learn more about your products and services and know more about you.  A recent comment by Brian Solis on a Constant Contact webinar spoke truth for me, “In traditional marketing we tried to buy sales with advertising, today’s e-mail marketing and social media is an opportunity to build an audience”.  If all you do is sell, you will miss a lot in the new media.

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