One way to meet new prospects-serve the community

The Henrico Chamber has one of the best programs in recent years yesterday when Mark Smith of Midas Muffler talked about his efforts to give back to the Richmond community.  Everyone knows about his blood drives and weekend food bags for under privileged kids, it was great to add a face to the voice.  He said, “I have a new word to add to my 30 second ‘Wow’ from my radio spots.” and went on to tell us about a lady in Hopewell he spoke to that told him about “Next”.  She saw a young boy sitting on the curb in front of a school and asked him why he was there.  He said, “Next” and after more questions, said, “The teacher says she has one weekend food bag left and if the kid who claimed it doesn’t show up I’m next”.  Hunger in Hopewell–why should it be!  Mark brings 1700 bags every Friday and says there is an identified need for 3,000.  I gave him my $10 and hope others there will step up and give as well.

I learned during 2009 about a need to supply teddy bears for VA National Guard troops and “passed the hat” to collect almost $900 to purchase 200 for a unit going to Afghanistan to look for roadside bombs.  I plan a fundraiser starting the 60 days before May 21 which is Armed Forces Day to try to raise some more money.  Want to help?  $5.00 will cover a teddy bear.   By the way, my efforts didn’t go unnoticed, the National Guard calls me when they have a need and have great about passing my name along to the USO and Coast Guard.  Try community service, you’ll give back and meet some nice people–volunteers are some of the best people in the community as far as I am concerned.

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