Teaching An Old Dog A New Trick-An Attempt at Video

I heard a new term last week.  Gail Goodman, CEO  of Constant Contact was on a webinar with Bettina Hind of Pixibility and said in essence business has moved from wowing the public with cute things on web sites to content marketing were we offer relevant information targeted to a niche of the marketplace.  Now, she says we are moving to engagement marketing in which we establish practices that offer excellence in customer service and build on the positive experiences that come from it. Here is a 2 minute video that speaks to that issue from my perspective.


Warning: Amateur in Action.  I plan on growing with this technology and add segments each month on some aspect of small business marketing.  Subscribe below and you will not miss an issue. The video was shot on a Sony Bloggie that I carry with me.  If you would like to learn more about using video, e-mail me at matt@logomd.com or call me.  Have a great selling day!  MD

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