The Power of A Satisfied Customer

Never understimate the power of a satisfied customer.  I recently participated in the Fall MAPPA Show and was dissappointed more of my clients didn’t come since there was so much more for them to see than I could ever put in the Showroom or bring to them.  One long time client said, “Can my husband come–he buys for a state agency?”  “Of course” was my quick reply.

They both came and seemed to enjoy the presentation on why promotional products are useful and toured the show and looked at every exhibit.  I am pleased to say, it is looking like the new opportunity will give me a new client and the first order is looking to be about $9400.  Comment from the new client, “If my previous supplier doesn’t care enough to invite me to a show, I’d rather not do business with them”.

Moral of this story: If you  know something that might help a client make good business decisions, shame on you if you don’t share it with them.  A local supplier’s loss, my gain.

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