Let’s Put the “Social” Back in “Social Media”

As you know Constant Contact has been a great help in the revival of my business.  Lately my e-mail have featured video as a way to engage my clientele.  Constant Contact is encouraging that as a way to build an audience and consistent pool of suspects, prospects, customers, clients and advocates.

A “sister” company to CC is Pixibility that has pioneered how to use video effectively.  They have monthly free seminars and a recording of the last one is at http://www.pixability.com/pixability-tv-episode-15-build-your-business-hyper-socially-leveraging-communities

Take a look.  Add them to your watch list if this makes sense to you.  The message from this last webinar was we have focused so much on the “Media” in “Social Media” we have left out the importance of “Social”.  Comment was that people are far more committed to their small group, department, voting bloc, family, etc. than the organzation as a whole.  The appeal is “Let’s think also about the tribe” like our ancestors did.  Powerful words to me.  What you you done to build your “tribe”? Content with your group? Let’s be a tribe as well.

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