“A New Year-A New Opportunity”

Back to blogging after a holiday break.  Here is some reflections on the times

Prediction: Businesses that find success in 2012 will be the same ones that found it in 2011. They figured out then how to make people feel good.  Old truth is still good: People will remember a little of what you tell them, a little more of what you show them but until the day they die, they will remember how you make them feel.  Think about it in your own experience and apply it to your business and personal life.  Can’t go wrong on that philosophy.

Observation from the Rose Bowl Parade.  Always enjoy watching the parade and usually my wife makes me take down the Christmas tree so I am distracted.  Not this year–she was back in school on the 2nd!. Had the parade without interruption.  One observation: When the Oregon band came down Colorado Blvd. they were not dressed like the traditional marching band–OK, Oregon being Oregon, right?  When they stuck off a tune it was, “OK, we are here–look at us”  But when Wisconsin’s band came into view they “looked the part” and when they struck up the Wisconsin “On Wisconsin” they didn’t march, they strutted down the street.  And the crowd loved it!  It was obvious to everyone, they were there to entertain the crowd.  Good lesson, huh?

Have a great year.  Good selling.  M

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