Embroidery Leads the Way

  For my business in imprinted items, embroidery leads the way in promoting a professional image for a company or organization.  Two key elements:
 1. The right apparel for the use. I hear over and over again. “We thought we were doing right to pick cheap but we got burned with inferior goods”.  A lightweight 50/50 shirt is fine for a one day event but rarely is it good for long term repeated use (i.e. washed on a regular basis).  See www.companycasuals.com for one of my best sources for embroidered goods.  Also <a href="http://www.imprintit.biz
  2. The quality is in the imprint as well.  I had a prospective client say a week ago, “I got our logo done but it was inferior and I don’t even want to show it to you”.  Everything in embroidery is by stitch count as far as pricing. My advise: “Don’t skimp on doing the logo correctly–will look shabby if you do”  Pick a quality professional and ask for samples of their work.  
If you have questions, call me on 804-241-1152 or e-mail at matt@logomd.com 

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