“Talking Points–Create something similar for your business”

RE: Talking Points


  1. Logo Dynamics is 20 years old this year and is a distributor of promotional products.  Our database has over 900,000 items and we support “Buy America First” as often as possible.
  2. Key Clients include the following:

US Army Quartermaster Corps and Transportation Corps

VCU Trauma and Critical Care Education, “EMT Week”

Defense Logistics Agency, Richmond, (formerly Defense Supply Center, Richmond)

Henrico Division of Police including the Communications Center

  1. Programs include:

Sales Incentives

Employee Recognition, including Awards

Corporate Apparel, screenprinting and embroidery

Safety Programs

Energy Savings Programs

“The hardest years were the first two and the last three” says Matt Davidson, owner.  “First it was dealing with developing a client base and lately it has been dealing with a “down” economy where marketing is seen as an unnecessary expense.”


  1. The last half of 2011 was the first good upswing in revenue since 2008 and is the result of two actions
  1. Began “We Put Your Logo to Work” an e-mail newsletter on small business marketing in March, 2010.  Saw value in that ways to creatively use promotional products were “showcased” and got people to think about promotional products for their business.   Used surveys and event planning to show distinction.
  2. Began a new emphasis on customer service and redefined business as the continual creation of “Wow!” moments.  “I realized while I thought I had good customer service what I really had was a good way to process an order.  What I do differently is seek in every interaction with a suspect, prospect, customer, client or advocate for them to have a “Wow!” moment.  It can be doing something extra with art for an imprint to folding a bagging tee shirts”  I am in debt to Scott McKain for helping me better my understanding of customer service. (www.scottmckain.com)


  1. Fall of 2010, became a Partner with Constant      Contact and started doing seminars in January, 2011.  Named to the “Local Partner” Program in      2012 and have been offering e-mail and social media seminars on a regular basis.
  • Any business to succeed in this economy needs to be a company of distinction which includes excellence in goods or service offered, customer service, and effective use of the Internet to market the business.
  • The key to marketing today is engagement in which relevant content is coupled with an invitation to know more about a business.  Often video is useful to generate that engagement.
  • Every business needs to be directly involved in a charity, not just donating money but select a good cause the business can be passionate about and take part in the charity.  If the charity is smart they will advertise the business as a supporter to show the community that this is a business that supports the community.

Note: Logo Dynamics charity is “Teddy Bears for the Troops” and has donated 100 teddy bears for VA National Guard soldiers to give their children as they are being deployed.

We often support community service groups and school activities with discounts and free art support and shipping.

  1. An online presence is crucial to marketing a      small business. Our presence includes

www.logomd.com a website that features a link to the national search engine for promotional products and online catalogues for major suppliers

www.logo-richmond.com is a blog site that features articles on issues related to promotional products.

www.growyourbusinesswithcc.com is a blog with articles on small business marketing and has a video on “How Constant Contact Helped Me Redefine My Business” (10 minutes)

http://www.linkedin.com/in/logomd is my profile on LinkedIn.  Have had several people call me and say, “I like what you are saying on LinkedIn, can you help me with…..?”

https://www.facebook.com/#!/growyourbusinesswithcc is the LOGO Dynamics FaceBook page. Picture is me presenting teddy bears to the Virginia National Guard Family Readiness people.  There is a “white paper” available “Six Steps to Grow Your Revenue”.

www.pinterest.com/logomd is a new venture and I have posted a board called “What is Happening with Imprinted Items”   Note picture of Susan G. Komen “Run for the Cure” tee shirt design and students from JR Tucker High School Robotics Team.  There is a board with some of my small business marketing videos.

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