What I Told the Kids at Career Day-May, 2012

LOGO Dynamics, Inc.

7206 Impala Drive, #201

Henrico, VA 23228

Matt Davidson

(O) 804-515-0300                                                                                                        matt@logomd.com

(C) 804-241-1152                                                                                                       www.logomd.com

(F) 804-515-8050                                                                                  www.logo-richmond.com (blog)

  1. Career Path, 38 years
    1. Pastor, 10 years
    2. Computer Instructor, 2 years
    3. Car Salesman 4 years
    4. Sales Trainer, 2 years
    5. Small Business Owner/Salesman, 20 years
  1. LOGO Dynamics
    1. Purpose: “We put your logo to work in cost effective ways to help you reach your goals and objectives.”
    2. b.     Overview of the Industry, Competency Neededi.     3,000+ suppliers with 900,000 items=ability to reason and inquisitive mind to seek solutionsii.     200-300 clients who I make contact with in a year’s time=ability to process and store information and quickly recall what they purchased in the past; ability to listen and understand their requests and formulate a plan of action to help them make good decisions.

      iii.     Math skills to figure out costs and sale prices=ability to understand basic math and accounting

    iv.     In the last two years, developed a training program to teach professional e-mail marketing and put my clients and potential clients logos to work on the Internet=ability to read a continuous stream of information and apply it to my business as well as provide counsel and opportunity for others to learn from my experiences.

    1. Compensation—How does a small business owner get paid?i.     Salary (paid for time) vs. Compensation (Paid for Results)

      ii.     Salary vs. Commission (Proceeds from Sales)

      1.                                                   iii.     Salary plus Dividends
      2.                                                  iv.     How does a salesman get paid?  Can be salary, commission only, or some other financial arrangement.
    2. How does a small business owner/salesman find clients? (Marketing)
      1.                                                     i.     Paid Media-ads in newspaper, on radio or Internet
      2.                                                    ii.     Meet prospective customers/clients at a networking event like the Chamber of Commerce meetings
      3.                                                   iii.     Professionally done e-mail in the form of an e-newsletter and/or announcement, including video, take advantage of free Internet space on a blog.
      4.                                                  iv.     What kind of skills do you think are needed to be competent in this effort?
        1. Ability to write copy that promotes a dialogue with a prospect
        2. Ability to listen and take notes of observations made
        3. Ability to visualize a plan of action  “tailored” to the client’s needs and communicate it
  2. 3.      Lessons Here
    1. You may not wind up where you set out to go—that is OK.  Skills learned in one vocation can be used in others.
    2. Habits you set here will either  “Master” you or you will “Master” them—be careful the ones you set—they will be with you for a long time
    3. Anyone can learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.  Take care whose example you follow, some people are not worth it.
    4. Wherever you go look for opportunities to give back to your community and do volunteer community service, you meet the best types of people there.
    5. Any day you don’t learn something is a wasted day, your education is never complete.  Stop learning, start dying.  Never too late to learn.

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