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2013 continues the challenge of change started in 2012.  The key attitude that my prospects and clients have is uncertainty.  The election really didn’t decide anything about the future of our country and the increased costs of taxes, health care and essentials is heavy on decision makers minds.  While some business people act like marketing and networking are nice “extras”, for today’s small business owner or self-employed salesperson they are imperative.  To insure survival we need to use the expanding technology of the Internet to market our business or organization.  For me the “centerpiece” of that marketing is e-mail marketing through Constant Contact.  You can try a 60 day free trial by signing up at my portal to Constant Contact.  Go to


Need a seminar to help you get started? I offer seminars in the Richmond, VA area on the following:

” How to Develop A Company of Distinction” a 60 minute review of how to distinguish yourself from others that do what you do.  Also a look at how the Internet has changed small business marketing.  There is help to guide you in developing a marketing plan.

See  http://prezi.com/9rs14qwdahcm/how-to-build-a-company-of-distinction/  to see the slides used.

“The Power of E-mail Marketing–Leveraging Social Media”

*Best Practices in e-mail marketing featuring Constant Contact

* A web presence that tells who you are and what you do

* Keys to building your  customer base through social contacts

* Keys to building your online audience through social networking

* How to measure your marketing effectiveness–Online surveys are key

* Using events to market your business–How to manage them effectively

“Social Media Made Simple”

* How to use FaceBook, Twitter Pinterest, and LinkedIn to grow your business

Like to explore these topics for your business.  Check this site for latest updates or call 804-515-0300

Who am I?  Matt Davidson, a promotional products company owner for the last 21 years. I realized in planning for 2010, I needed to do two things: get out in the business community more and do a better job of showing my clients I appreciate their business.  CC has been a big help in both.  Enjoy the ride.  Have a great day.

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