Seminar Leaders-Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson has been using Constant Constant since March, 2010.  In January, his CPA said, “If you have another year like 2009, you ought to close LOGO Dynamics down”.  While I didn’t need him to tell me I had another bad year, I was surprised and began to ponder, “What else do I do?”  My days were already 12-14 hours long.  I had spent a large block of time in 2009 trying to develop more Federal Government business and it had not produced sales.

In February, I hosted the Education Day program for the Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association (MAPPA) which covers most of Virginia. The Executive Director said, “We are going to have an e-mail marketing seminar from Constant Contact”  I was intrigued and as the seminar unfolded, I kept saying, “I’m sure glad I overcame this sinus infection and made it this morning”

My first e-mail newsletter went out in March and within 20 minutes I had a $400 reorder on umbrellas. Client thanked me for the newsletter and said, “You reminded me that the boss asked me twice to reorder”  Immediately, I began to see value. I was encouraged to become a Solution Provider and later to become a Partner so that I could offer seminars.  I started doing that in January, 2011 and have averaged one a month since then.

Constant Contact has played a key role in revitalizing my business.  I do 1-2 newsletters a month and my focus has been small business marketing, not just promotional products.  I have used surverys effectively to gauge customer satisfaction and gain insight on social media habits of my clients.  I believe passionately that every business needs to be directly involved in a charity and mine is “Teddys for the Troops” in which a $5 donation puts a 7″ teddy bear in the hands of a Virginia National Guard soldier to give his or her child as they are leaving the Commonwealth on deployment.  The event plannining section gives me a way to inform my clients when the donations are being collected.

I believe in the engagement marketing philosophy and am thankful that Constant Contact offers me a way to stay in touch with suspects, prospects, customers, clients and advocates.  I started using short videos in 2011 and that I have found a helpful inexpensive way to engage people on my contact list.

I don’t tell people they have to use Constant Contact. All I can do is say, “It is working for me–you ought to look at it and see if it is something you should be doing”.


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