Showcase Yourself with Public Speaking

I spoke to a group of professional show managers.  Here is one satisfied customer.




One strategy after you define the purpose of your business or cause is to develop opportunities for public speaking.  All kinds of groups are in need of speakers to fill their calendar.  Start prospecting them as you look for business opportunities.

Afraid to speak in public? That’s in natural but you don’t have to live by your nature. If so, I would never be up front speaking, I would be hiding in the back of the room. Steps to fight your fear:

1. Determine that you have a good cause and explain why.  Define it well so you are prepared when the opportunity comes.

2. Practice.  When I was an inexperienced pastor and had to speak often for the first time I invented a new style of preaching.  I was not extemporaneous nor was I am manuscript reader.  I was simply scared to death and showed it.  The little church in the country has a pulpit today with marks from my finger nails from almost 40 years ago.  I overcame my fears by going to the church building at 7:00 every Sunday morning and preaching to empty pews.  At 11:00 I was much more comfortable in speaking.  I also had to learn to “put on” more than I was used to doing.

3. Expect a less than successful experience.  Realize in every situation an opportunity to learn for the next time. In the 7th grade I had a horrible experience in which I “froze up” as if I was in a block of ice.  I left school that day with the deep conviction, “I am not a public speaker”.  Thank goodness we don’t have to live as adults with those silly convictions about ourselves from childhood.

Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform and you will become a great speaker.


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